Book Chapter: Perception, Design, and Ecology of the Built Environment


  1. Dr. Indah Widiastuti
  2. Feni Kurniati, M.Ars.

Penerbit: Springer-Switzerland, 2020

Perception, Design and Ecology of the Built Environment: A Focus on the Global South edited volume is a compilation of the ‘built environment in response to many investigations, analyses and sometimes mere observations of the various dialogues and interactions of the built, in context to its ecology, perception and design. The chapters concentrate on various independent issues, integrated as a holistic approach, both in terms of theoretical perspectives and practical approaches, predominantly focusing on the Global South. The book builds fabric knitting into the generic understanding of environment, perception and design encompassing ‘different attitudes and inspirations. This book is an important reference to topics concerning urbanism, urban developments and physical growth, and highlights new methodologies and practices. The book presumes an understanding unearthed from various dimensions and again woven back to a common theme, which emerges as the reader reads through.

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