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Parametric Approach as Design Generator | William Suyoto

Parametric Approach as Design Generator | William Suyoto

William Suyoto | 25212012
Master of Architecture | Design Thesis

Published as [Parametric Approach as a Tool for Decision-making in Planning and Design Process]
5th Arte Polis International Conference and Workshop

This study offers discrete method in parametric design to solve problems during design process (programming, site planning, massing, structure planning, and facade planning). This study is applied in the design of office tower in Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta. The objective of the study is to explore the uses of parametric design method, yet, maintains its time feasibility. The result of the study is a method for planning and design that is more advantageous than the conventional ones in terms of simultaneous, coordinated and accountable. This method enables designer to do many iterations and monitor changes during the design process. However, the method needs a higher skill in logical thinking during the process, which demands time.

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