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Program Studi Sarjana Arsitektur ITB

Program Studi Sarjana Arsitektur ITB

The development of learning methods has been carried out in the ITB Architecture Study Program, to make it easier for students to do design assignments in the studio. The learning model developed concerns teaching areas:

1. Perancangan tapak
2. Perancangan bangunan berdasarkan tipologi (rumah sakit, museum, sekolah, pusat perbelanjaan)
3. Perancangan struktur dan konstruksi
4. Perancangan perumahan dan pemukiman
5. Perancangan dengan pendekatan tertentu: tektonik dan bentuk

The learning model used is not only through lectures in class by the teaching staff, but also by inviting professional practitioners. The teaching method developed in the studio course has also been directed as closely as possible to the studio in professional practice so that students are familiar with the systems used in the professional world. The standard of depiction and presentation in studio courses has also followed the standards that apply to the professional world.

An interactive consulting or assistance system is used in the learning process for studio courses, where the supervisor not only acts as a teacher who provides directions in design, also provides professional practice simulations and positions himself as a client who in the professional world will submit demands and design requests. according to their wants and needs. Such teaching and education systems have proven to be very effective in honing students' abilities to understand the wishes of the assignor.

In addition, assignments are also interspersed with real cases or assignments raised from real projects, complemented by real land conditions, so that students become more sensitive to real conditions in the field. The pattern of the teaching system as described above makes Architecture Study Program graduates better prepared to enter the professional world.

Kurikulum 2013 Program Studi Sarjana Arsitektur SAPPK ITB
Kurikulum 2008-2013 Program Sarjana Arsitektur SAPPK ITB

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