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Summer Camp ITB 2018

Summer Camp ITB 2018

Summer Camp ITB 2018

‘Ngalokat Cai, Ngajaga Lembur


We are pleased to promote collaborative learning in Summer Camp ITB 2018: ‘Ngalokat Cai, Ngajaga Lembur’ as we explore water and conservation in rural settlement development. With such environmental issue, the camp encourage multi-disciplinary approach in planning and designing intervention in Cisoka village, South Sumedang.
Summercamp 2018 program consist of Lectures, Studio Workshop, and Field workshop. Lectures will give the participant the background and brief knowledge regarding the Cisoka. Studio workshop will consist of series of assignments from planning, environmental engineering, and architecture design lecture series. The lecture and workshop will be held in Institut Teknologi Bandung, while the field workshop will be held in the Cisoka.
Come and join us for Summercamp 2018 from 1-11th August 2018 in Bandung and Cisoka. Registration is open until 16 July 2018 through our website: summercampitb.info.

Summer camp 2018 is here! This year we will explore water and conservation issue in rural development, in Cisoka village. For more information and registration by 16th July 2018, please visit our website: summercampitb.2018 and take a look on our camp last year as we learn about sustainable rural development.  These are testimonies from the campers last year:
Toshitsugu – Shibaura Institute of Technology, Architecture Student
“I enjoy the program, It’s very fun to design your own building. The people of Cisoka are very nice
and dependable. I respect them.
Adam – Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Architecture Student
I feel fulfilled. CIsoka is very dinamic, they create when they need. I have a quote for Cisoka: “Belajar
dalam kelas membuatmu merasa pintar, turun ke lapangan membuatmu pintar merasa”.

Henri – Community member in Cisoka
The students make it lively here. I wish there is a continuation
for this program.

Monika – Institute Technology of Bandung, Landscape Student
It’s very exciting. There are a lot of differences than in urban area. This got me interested in rural
field study.

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