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PAMERAN TUGAS AKHIR (PAMTA) “EPILOGUE: Connecting Exceptional Pieces”


Epilogue is a final assignment exhibition that is routinely held in every series of IMA-G graduation celebrations. This Epilogue is the first exhibition to be held offline again after 2 years of being held online using website media. With the theme Connecting Exceptional Pieces, the July 2022 Epilogue is expected to be a link not only to works exceptional belonging to the graduates to the wider community, but also issues and perspectives on architecture as well as the stories and struggles of the graduates while studying architecture at ITB.

Dokumentasi panitia sebelum acara opening


The symbolic opening of the exhibition was by cutting the ribbon by Mr. Tri Yuwono, Mrs. Rr. Diah Asih Purwaningrum, and head of Epilogue


Group photo of lecturers, committee, and graduates who attended the opening of the exhibition.


Installation of posters and lighting.


Photobooth at the exit. The photobooth backdrop displayed several graduates' works accompanied by installation of puzzle pieces on the right and left sides


Exhibition atmosphere. There is a centerpiece which is a puzzle piece with a collage of graduates' faces in the middle of the room. Apart from being a decoration, this centerpiece also functions as a divider to create a flow in the exhibition.


Visitors can play puzzles at a table in the middle of the room. This puzzle was deliberately made as another medium in introducing graduates' work and also interactive media so that visitors get a different experience.


Exhibition atmosphere

Visitors playing puzzles


Visitors can write their appreciation on the appreciation sheet provided next to the poster.

Visitors take pictures on the backdrop projector. Apart from supporting lighting and displaying graduates' works in turn, projector screens are also often used as a background for taking pictures

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