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Kuliah Tamu, Marcelino R. Pandin: Funding Architectural Projects, Investors’ perspective

Kuliah Tamu, Marcelino R. Pandin: Funding Architectural Projects, Investors’ perspective

Mata Kuliah AR6141 Arsitektur, Budaya dan Pembangunan yang diampu oleh Wiwik D. Pratiwi, Ph.D, akan menyelenggarakan kuliah terbuka yang akan diisi oleh Dr. Marcelino Rumambo Pandin, pada tangal 29 Oktober 2012, pukul 13:00-15:00 di ruang 6101 Gedung Arsitektur ITB. Dr. Marcelino akan presentasi tentang ‘Funding Architectural Projects, Investors’ perspective‘. Kuliah terbuka dapat oleh mahasiswa dan umum.


Tentang Dr. Marcelino:

Dr. Marcelino Rumambo Pandin  has had quite a varied experience over the years pursuing studies in several cities spanning the world. Born in Makassar, Indonesia, Dr. Marcelino earned his undergraduate degree in Architecture from the Bandung Institute of Technology. He was then granted scholarships to study at Cambridge Judge Business School, the University of Cambridge, Britain and the University of California, Riverside in the United States.In 2003, Dr. Marcelino was granted the Australia Awards scholarship for his Doctoral studies in Technology and Innovation at the University of Queensland, and awarded his PhD in 2007. “It gave me the opportunity to learn about Australia’s governance systems,” Dr. Marcelino said. “I also developed specific thinking framework skills and strategies. It has proven very valuable in pursuing my goal in becoming more involved in public and corporate governance reforms.”Dr. Marcelino is currently teaching Technology-based Business in School of Business and Management at Institut Teknologi Bandung. He is also Country Adviser for the Local Finance Facilities implemented globally by UN-HABITAT  and is an independent director of a pharmaceutical company producing and distributing cardiovascular drugs and therapy.
Source: http://australiaawardsindo.or.id/files/arg/newsletter/E-Newsletter_3rd_ed.pdf

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