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"COVIDTECTURE: How Architecture Students See Pandemic" is the agenda for ITB architecture students class of 2018. In this agenda, students are expected to participate in activities in the form of internal competitions related to how architecture responds to the challenges of the pandemic crisis. This activity seeks to spark ideas and celebrate architecture as a form of knowledge that is always interesting to continue to explore together. Like Le Corbusier's theories [...]

Evaluasi Studio

Evaluasi Studio S1 Arsitektur Evaluasi dilaksanakan untuk mendapatkan umpan balik dari mahasiswa terhadap penyelenggaraan studio AR2190, AR3190, AR4090, AR2120, AR3120,  dan AR3110. Mahasiswa tingkat dua mengisi kuesioner dua kali, untuk studio AR2190 dan AR2120. Mahasiswa tingkat 3 mengisi kuesioner tiga kali, untuk studio AR3190, AR3120, dan AR3110. Mahasiswa tingkat 4 mengisi kuesioner sekali, untuk studio […]

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